How Extract A Tooth

Care before and after a tooth extraction

Sometimes, the dentist may advise taking antibiotics days before dental extraction to avoid infections derived from oral germs. To get rid of complications, you should not drink alcohol the days before the intervention and, in the case of smokers, it is very advisable to eliminate or reduce the consumption of snuff to try to have the mouth as clean as possible.

If you have discomfort after tooth extraction, undoubtedly the professional who has done it prescribes anti-inflammatories and, even, antibiotics. In this sense, it is essential to follow the prescribed medication to obtain relief.

As for food, in the first days, a soft diet should be followed, avoiding hard foods that hinder healing. A widespread mistake after removing a wisdom tooth is to eat the food in tiny pieces, which is counterproductive because those pieces can enter the hole of the extraction and cause an infection. Nor should you take very hot food.